19 January 2011

all about the trash

I've been indulging myself over the last few months. I try to take full advantage of the public library's collection of audio books (and *occasionally* non-audio books) to keep me entertained while working in the sewing room. A few months ago I decided to start working on the Charlaine Harris "Sookie Stackhouse" series, primarily because my mom had left me

book #3, "Club Dead" during one of her visits a few years ago. I was sucked in (no pun intended - really). Since then I have begun watching True Blood via Netflix, and am gradually making my way through the series of books. Some I continue to do by audio, but every once in a while I check out the actual bound versions, since it's nice to go through a trashy novel every once in a while. I am now on book #7 of the series, "All Together Dead"

Having the fluff to read DOES keep me away from the TV a bit more, but it has also cut into my sewing time (again, no pun intended - this must come naturally!). Actually, today I guess I could also blame the Benadryl I caved and took. Though it did help with the sneezing.

On other news, yesterday I had my first lesson on EQ7. The program was a gift for my birthday last fall, and the lessons a holiday gift. I'm excited!

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