28 January 2011

New logo in the works

Well, my week has been all over the place, actually. And today I have actually gotten NO sewing done at all. Nor cutting. And yet I will still let myself go out to dinner and a movie with a friend (though the plans were already made before I had such a stupendously UNproductive day. Granted, I have been taking care of a few things in the house that truly needed to be attended to, but I still feel like a bit of a slacker when I have nothing to show for my waking hours. EXCEPT... some of the activity around the house of late has inspired a possible logo to my slow-developing new business identity. As I sketch things out (or find someone else better suited to sketch) I'll update, but let's just say I might have a mascot (thanks J for the germ of the idea!)

I have, however, begun gathering fabrics for upcoming projects:

I have it in mind to try my hand again at a blooming 9-patch.

And now I've also begun pulling things together for my swap partner for The {Urban} Home Goods Swap on Flickr

Thinking in terms of accessories...

Next posting I'll try my hand at a tutorial! Stay tuned...

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