29 March 2011

Every day stuff

Well, I wish I had a great update to post after a couple of weeks of non-activity. But, I don't. I joined my mom, brother, uncles and aunt back in our home town of St. Louis for an intensive weekend of organization and nostalgia where we came across many treasures of family history. But as the cliche goes, upon returning home (to Portland, that is) I needed a vacation to recover from my time off! I had a week of relaxing and slacking, reading, watching TV and immersing myself in a new obsession (thanks, mom!) of these hidden object games However, I am now thankfully off the couch and back in the sewing room with new projects forthcoming.

Looking ahead, I could not resist this adorable twill from Westrade Textiles with the idea of a messenger bag, satchel or laptop carrier in mind...

And last, but certainly not least, I finally managed to finish my first ever knit garment (scarves don't count - no measurements involved!) Now if I had been really forward thinking, I would have had J take a pic of me while wearing this vest/shawl yesterday, but for now the dining room chair will have to suffice. I did get quite a bit of use out of this in St. Louis in March, though!

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