08 June 2011

Cute new threads!

Last weekend I went "home" (the city in which I grew up, but haven't actually called home in about 15 years or so) to visit with my mom and step-father, as well as seeing some other family in the mix, including my brother. When I arrived, sitting on the nightstand in the guest bedroom was a fun little skirt pattern.
"Fashion Formula Skirts" by Serendipity Studio. I have seen patterns by her before, and always find them attractive, but have not spent much time with clothing of late. I suppose my mom had picked up on my excitement about having done the Amy Butler Barcelona Skirts a few weeks ago, and happened to see this pattern at one of her local shops. What a sweet gift! Anyhow, the designer, Kay Whitt, has put together a little booklet of 3 different skirt patterns, each with 2-4 different variations (and that is not including the various length options). While all of them would be super cute, the one that immediately caught my eye is called "The Penelope Panel Skirt." However, after I get that one under way, I think I will have to try her "Faux Wrap" skirt next!

So, today I find myself back on my home turf, and putting in a work day at Cool Cottons and let me tell you, it is impossible to spend 8 hours here and not shop! Just impossible! So, I figure I'll at least shop responsibly, and by that I mean shop for a specific project (or two, as it turned out), and found some great fabrics to try out one of these skirts.

I promise, it's only coincidence that I chose the same general colors that her sample shows. That green dandelion Robert Kaufman fabric has been on my mind, and I just think it will make a great summer skirt! I guess we'll find out soon...

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