19 August 2011

Design wall - CHECK!

Another update about the studio progress... Now that the painting is complete (I got that last little bit of the floor leading up to the door covered on Thursday afternoon), it's time to get to work on the design wall. Last weekend my friend Julia helped me with a trip to Home Depot, where I picked up two 4' x 8' soundproofing boards to use as the base for said design wall.

Earlier in the week I had picked up some Thermolam (or similar product... I keep forgetting which one I decided on) with which to cover these boards. Much of my struggle in getting this started was actually figuring out the darned staple gun. It took me WAY TOO LONG to get this working, but once I finally got one staple out, the rest were almost fun!

Unfortunately, the width of the batting was just shy of the width of the boards

which meant I had to make another trip to pick up one more 3 yd. length of batting to finish these guys off in a proper way. After a little cutting, and more stapling the boards were ready to mount on the wall. Thank goodness I brought the old boom box over yesterday, which served as the perfect stand for me to get these just the right distance from the floor before putting my hammer and nails to work. When I left the space this afternoon, I left it with a proper (if not perfect) design wall!

Oh, and had to hang one burst of color - a painting that had been my grandmother's. It ain't a happy work space without some art on the walls!

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