27 August 2011

So glad to have an IKEA right here!

When I first moved into my home, I looked for shelving that I found both attractive and seemed to fit with the craftsman style of the house. Oh, and that was reasonably priced. Oddly enough, my favorite shelves I found at IKEA (which had only recently opened in Portland around the time I moved - and conveniently is just a couple of miles from me!).

Now, nearly 5 years later, as I'm setting up my studio space I know I want to get similar shelves for the studio, since they have worked so well for me and my stash. Oh, and a new table for my second sewing machine, and maybe a little comfy chair to relax in... You all know how it goes, right?

So last Monday J spent the early part of the day with me, driving the rental U-Haul in a sort of triangular route, from the pick-up spot, to IKEA, then to my house to load my current sewing and cutting tables, plus a few of the baskets of fabric, and then we were off to the studio space to unload.

Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I was at work, so I didn't get back in there until Thursday to start putting stuff together.
The table top alone was too heavy for me to really lift, so now that I have this together, I still need to wait for someone to help me flip it over without snapping the legs off.

One of the lovely, versatile Expedit shelves.

And of course, in the process of using tools with heavy boards, accidents will happen. This looks much worse than it actually was - got a cardboard papercut on the inside of one finger, and scraped the knuckle on my thumb. As I was not prepared with Band-Aids I had to throw together some make-shift bandages from what I did have around - paper towels and blue painter's tape. It did the trick well enough to allow me to finish my job for the day, which is all I could ask for.

I got 3 of the 4 shelving units put together on Thursday, and came back to finish it up Friday, and to hopefully get some of my fabric put away, so I'll be ready to work after this weekend... I think I'm on track!

This is just the follow-up fabric that wasn't already in baskets or fabric drawers... Maybe I could work on whittling down this stash one of these days.

The walls are still looking a bit bare, but in time, in time. Just have to get more quilts hung, and see what other decorations make their way to my space. But for now, I have 2 dowels up with quilts displayed:

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