02 August 2011

Studio painting - Day Two

So, we started the day with most of the walls fully primed - except some nooks and crannies, behind beams and up high.

and as I said before, I had some color decisions to make.... I started editing my options, and discarding the "rejects" on the floor

until I was left with the final 2 contenders:

I ended up going with "Bay Waves" by Valspar, from Lowe's. So, J and I made a trip out there, picking up 6 gallons of paint, plus a few accoutrements, as well as six 8' full-spectrum strip lights for the fixtures (J changed out the bulbs in one of the three fixtures as soon as we got back to the studio).

While J worked on finishing the primer details, I got started on the edge work with the paint.

Then our friend Jenny joined us, and took up a roller!

We worked until a little after 9pm, I think, and got the first layer of color down, from the floor up about as high as either Jenny or I could reach with the 4'+ roller on our tippy-toes (and a few hops on Jenny's part)...

Gonna give it a couple days' rest, then return for day 3 of painting... I'm feeling good about it so far!

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