26 January 2012

My wandering eye

I don't think I've yet mentioned how my visit to the eye doctor the other week got me in trouble.

Eyes! on Broadway is located right next door to a knit shop called Twisted. I haven't gone yarn shopping in well over a year, but then I had never stepped foot in this shop.

And then I saw a cubby with 2 balls of yarn that looked something like this:
(only a little darker and with all sorts of rich colors showing) It's a Mochi Plus by Crystal Palace Yarns, feels like heaven, and put a spell on me.

Now, being a quilter, I see something beautiful and I think, "I need to buy that so I have it when I'm ready to make something from it." But all y'all who do any knitting or crochet know it just doesn't work that way with yarn! Seeing as they only had 2 balls left in the colorway, I did ask at the counter if they had more on order (which they did), and put in a request for them to contact me when those came in.

A message was left last weekend, which is what compelled me to sort through my current inventory in that respect, and look for any possible projects I might want to use this yarn for. Now, there IS a sweater pattern I picked up a couple of years ago, which still definitely appeals to me, but it also calls for over 1300 yds of yarn - a bit more commitment than I am prepared for just now. But darn it, I was gonna have that yarn, project or no project!!

Going back to the shop I made a last ditch effort to find a purpose for this gorgeous, gorgeous yarn, and I'm glad I did. I found a cute little pattern by Lee Meredith called "Skoodlet" a combination hood-scarlet.
(and looking at her website, she's got a lot of other cute patterns available!) And the cherry on the sundae... the pattern calls for exactly the amount of yarn as the shop had put aside for me! A sign, right??

So last night I got started on in, and after trying a technique that was very new to me, I have this much going:

Makin' me a hat and scarf just in time for the weather to head over 50 degrees!

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