11 February 2012

"Could be a Quilt..." Project

Early in my Flickr presence I started a collection, or Gallery, entitled "Could be a quilt, but isn't." As I was looking through members' photographs, I was struck by a few that instantly transferred artistic media in my mind from photo to fiber art. In fact, I came across so many over time, that I had to start a second gallery with the same theme! But then, there's a big difference between seeing in one's head and bringing to fruition.

One of my quilt goals in 2012 is to get a start on this project. And as I was browsing these galleries after not thinking about them for a very long time, I realized that I am on the verge of beginning the series without knowing it.

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago about a stack of fabrics I had selected to try the curved piecing quilt, but put aside for another day and a different project...

Of late, I was thinking that they would make a lovely follow-up to this string quilt I made a couple of years ago as a wedding gift
(please excuse the poor photo!)

And then I saw this photo by Don Taylor which I had included in the original gallery. Add in a little more of that rusty red, maybe, and a few more of the grey-blue range and I think I have a jump on this goal!

Now the challenge will be holding back until I have met my early March deadlines!

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