14 March 2012

A Flannel Quilt - in time for Spring!

Okay, so my seasonal appropriateness might be a little off, but I just had to get started on that lovely stack of flannels!

Just going for a simple brick pattern throw, so I started by cutting the bricks.

And though they look gorgeous lined up like this, once I started playing with them on my design wall, I found that there was just WAY TOO MUCH going on. And for me to say that is something! I decided to edit out the blues, but then I was left with a pink quilt with accents of grey - and I am NOT a pink sort of gal. So then I took out the pink, and was left with, well, not much. And I feel like I've pretty much exhausted my flannel buying options in town (I refuse to go into the well-known large chain fabric store unless I'm looking for notions or something that my local quilt and sewing stores just don't carry). So I spent a bit more time arranging and rearranging the different combinations until I came up with something that made me happy:

As you can see there are still a few holes in there. I did manage to find something online that MIGHT work, so we'll have to wait until those 2 half-yards arrive to go further, but I think I'm onto something. Plus, I now have the start of another simple flannel quilt in the cooler tones to play with! Goody, this will be ready just in time for the season when I wish I had A/C in my house!

1 comment:

  1. Ha! I was looking at flannel fabric last night! I think it sounds comforting even if the season is wrong. I think I'll get into my Christmas quilts sometime in the middle of the summer. Sometimes it is nice to be thinking of different times of the year as far as quilting goes;)

    I do love the brick quilt you are making from it.