16 May 2012

WIP Wed - abridged

My blogging has suffered in the last few weeks. Perhaps my sewing has as well, since I've noticed my skin is starting to tan - a good indication that I am taking as much advantage of the gorgeous weather as I am able!

However, I HAVE been working on a few things, just nothing very update-worthy. But, in the spirit of the WIP Wednesday, here is a look at a couple of things on my list:

New pot holders
(available in my Etsy shop, hint, hint... ;-)

I've also been trying to get my Lock 'n' Bolt quilt quilted. Making progress, but had to bring the operation home since I've not been able to spend much time at the studio since last week...

I've begun playing with Lee's spiderweb blocks for the Friends + Fabric Bee, but haven't gotten enough done on them to take photos. I'll hopefully have more to share on that front next week! This weekend is going to be all about the catch-up!

Sorry for the lackluster (and long overdue) post, but hopefully someone will find something fun.
I'm linking up over at Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced



  1. I love your pot holders! Great colors and design.

  2. The pot holders are gorgeous - I'd be afraid to spill sauce on them! Love the straight line quilting on Lock'n'Bolt - that looks like a lot of work.

  3. great fabrics in your lock & bolt quilt! and your potholders are very pretty, too :)

  4. Love the pot holders. The Lock'n'Bolt quilt is pretty. I like the quilting on there.