11 June 2012

A Robot Invasion, pt. 1

This month for the Design Camp [Think Outside the Block] 2 bee Tiffany chose a nice little challenge - improv robots and gears. She posted a mock-up of her idea here and her sample block here. I thought her sample guy is just the cutest thing ever, and a good inspiration for playing around with her idea.

So on Sunday I ventured into the baggie of fabrics she sent out and started cutting in.

I then chose the basic shapes to start with: body, head and neck.

Next come the features...

I'm afraid that my guy might be turning out to be something of a robot-Frankenstein amalgam, a reject from the factory floor, but he'll have personality! I'll be playing more in a couple of days and will share how he turns out.

Another task on my agenda is gathering supplies for a workshop with Jane Sassaman on the opposite side of the country. This is definitely more of a challenge than I could have imagined. How will I know what fabrics I will want, especially since this isn't necessarily a literal interpretation of my inspiration photos?

I guess I'm sticking pretty close to true colors, but it's still stacking up!

Yikes! Does anyone have any tips for the traveling quilter??


  1. "a reject from the factory floor" LOL! that cracked me up. I think he's pretty cute so far. :)

  2. Land of misfit toys has a soft spot in all of our heart - quirky is cute. How exciting to go to a Jane Sassaman workshop - love her bold designs. I've never been a traveling quilter but hope to get tips myself before Sewing Summit.