07 August 2012

Is this what a quilt top looks like?

Okay, first off, it seems I might have to dedicate some time to a little blog redesign... either Blogger is having issues, or my computer is having issues, but all of a sudden my page template seems bleak. I'll try to get around to it soon.

But first I just have to say I think I am finally over the inertia hurdle (though I probably shouldn't speak TOO soon). Last week I managed to piece my first quilt top in several months. Yay!

As I've mentioned, there are a couple of baby quilts on my radar and I've finally started pulling fabrics.

and playing with some not-too-complex designs emerging from my sketchbook, and the results so far are:

I'm looking forward to getting the others under way, but had to at least get this first one under my belt. Phew.


  1. This is very pretty, BUT I just had a look around your blog and Flickr - wow! You have some fabulous creativity! Loving what I've seen and looking forward to following you!

  2. Hope you are over your inertia hurdle!! I'm totally loving that baby quilt idea!