13 January 2011

It looks like teal is going to be the way I go for the newest Project Modern Challenge Though I certainly have a considerable list of projects to work on, it's good to have some more specific goals on the table. Literally. But I can't let this take me away from the ultimate goal, and so last night started selecting and cutting fabrics for new place mat sets.

And then, we also have to remember to take some time off, too. Monday my boyfriend and I took a day trip out to the Oregon coast, driving through some snow to get to warmer conditions.

I also FINALLY visited Cannon Beach's own quilt shop, Center Diamond for the first time. Glad to see someone still carries batiks. And you will see a couple pieces from my visit there among the stack of teals at the top of the page! Now, as Mr. Merle Haggard is singin' to me, must be "Movin' On"


  1. I love the Center Diamond, they carry some really great fabrics don't they? I am glad you finally got to go :) Also I am glad you started a blog Linda.

  2. Thanks, Heather. Yes, I was quite impressed by their selection - I definitely had to discipline myself!