07 February 2011

Bees and Swaps (wasps come in a few months)

For the last week or so I've been busy busy busy working on blocks and projects for a couple of bees and swaps on Flickr.
The first bee that I've gotten involved with is the Seams Perfect - a Modern Scrap Bee with a group of 11 other ladies. This month was Liberty's month to choose the project, and she went with a Mod Mosaic block, designed by Elizabeth Hartman, a.k.a. Oh, Fransson!.

This was my first time experimenting with this technique, though I've been seeing it around the Flickerverse, as my SO refers to it. I love the chance to use up these tiny little scraps, do some totally intuitive, improvised piecing and have it come out so effectively! However it was definitely more labor intensive than I had thought it would be, but completely worth it! Thanks, Liberty for the excuse to give this a shot (and for choosing my colors so well!!)

Next, I put in a while back to be on the wait list for one of the more popular sewing swaps for modern quilters on Flickr, the Urban Home Goods Swap. I'm using it as an exercise in trying something I might not otherwise do, and choosing a style based on someone else's tastes as opposed to my own. Hopefully I'm on mark with this one...

Still have a couple more things to add to it, but making some headway...

And last, but certainly not least, I had just the right timing in discovering this charity quilting bee, do. Good Stitches. From what I can gather, they now have at least 4 different quilting circles going, each one making blocks every month to be finished as a quilt for charitable donation. I am now part of the "Bliss" circle, and happy to get the chance to be involved!

So, I need not say that this has pulled me away from some of my personal projects, but at the same time may help keep me balanced - plus I'm enjoying making things for others, and perhaps that will also help me get into the mindset of making things with the intention of selling... hmmm, what a concept!

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