17 February 2011

My space

It's too bad I don't have any before pictures prepared... but here is the evolution of my sewing space this past week or so:

That large, blank space with the peeling peach paint became my primary work space for about 4 days (I can't tell you what it takes out of a person to be on hands, knees or butt on a cold cement floor for hours at a time. Then add to that discomfort the fact that my overhead lighting burnt out while working on this fabulous queen sized quarter log cabin quilt that I am basting for hand-quilting! Daytime only until the electrician came...)

Now, I've rearranged the room to hopefully offer a slightly more intimate work space, as well as allowing me to get work done without looking directly out the little window which offers a brilliant view of my neighbors' driveway and entrance. Any time there was activity at their house I felt terribly voyeuristic.

I'm definitely feeling this will be a good set-up for me. And you are getting a peek at some of my upcoming projects. There MIGHT even be a tute in one or two of the bits currently in progress, who knows!


  1. Oh, I am loving your sense of humor! Mind if I follow?

    1. Thank you! Of course I don't mind if you follow! However I have moved my blog to: http://surroundedbyscraps.com/blog/
      There is a button on the sidebar to follow by "Bloglovin"