07 March 2011

planning process

As well as working on the ever-present WIPs (work-in-progress), I've been planning a couple of future endeavors.

I'm trying to make good use of both my EQ program and my good ol' graph paper sketchbooks and sheets, and build from my own designs. And, I'd like to say I'm doing that step by step.

The latest to see life as a full on quilt top is something I have temporarily dubbed "Fiesta Squares," designed with the Kaffe Fassett collective in mind.

Without over thinking the whole thing, I just went for cutting these guys up and seeing what happens. I'm still not sold, but I went ahead all the same...

and finished up with one BRIGHT, busy quilt top!

Now, it's on to the next projects... I have an easy pattern I drafted on graph paper and transferred into the EQ7 program, and even played with color options. With some amount of luck I landed on a combination that I find very appealing, so I figure I'll try and bring it to fruition

in two different color ways...

...and a couple of other ideas bouncing around in there:

Hopefully there will be more to share as the week progresses!


  1. Fiesta Squares is just beautiful! You should email Kaffe Fassett with the pictures!

  2. Dee, thank you for the high praise! Not quite ready to draw his attention to this one, but perhaps another down the road...