03 April 2011

Checkin' in for the first time

As I was browsing around Flickr this morning while enjoying my morning coffee, seeing the sun lighting up my house (a novelty for 9am as of late) and preparing to head downstairs to work on some bee projects today, I came across a new blog to me. Now, most blogs are new to me, relatively speaking, and I still haven't fallen into a rhythm with checking any on a regular basis, but I was glad to find Elizabeth's (of Don't Call Me Betsy) posts. First of all, I was led there by my intrigue after seeing these blocks for a different circle in the do.Good Stitches bee, made from her tutorial. Something I'll definitely have to try out for myself soon!

But what really got the fire under me was seeing a more recent post of hers about taking inventory of her to-do list from the beginning of 2011, now that we are a quarter of the way into the year. Now, those of you who know me know that I am NOT a list maker, though I would certainly benefit from doing so. BUT, this year started differently than any other for me, and I did at least begin with a mental list of things I hope/intend to accomplish - or at least work toward this year. So here follows my assessment of the year so far:

*This Blog... though I still have a LOT of work to bring it to the caliber I'd like, I've been keeping up with it, so that's something. And, as I mentioned earlier, I've been doing some scanning of other blogs and finding inspiration and most definitely learning. I do hope to bring more tutorials to this, as I work through some of my own original designs and projects, which brings me to my next couple points...

*keeping a sketchbook AND using it!

*Activating my EQ7 Software and having an instructor for it. After my mom granted my birthday wish last fall by buying me the software, my boyfriend contacted a local instructor, Katrina Hamer, and arranged for me to receive 3 one-on-one classes with her as part of my Christmas present. And she was GREAT!

*Work on building an inventory, to be sold through Etsy and hopefully ultimately other venues. I've been adding to my place mat and pot holder stock (not as quickly as I'd hoped, but that's my own fault) and have actually had a few sales, which can't be bad!

*testing out new designs, with the goal of publishing. My Fiesta Squares quilt, and more recently the Dorm Room Cots quilt are both headed in that direction.

*Participating in online quilting bees. So far, I've kept it to just two, which actually seems to be working out well, and I feel I lucked out in both cases. It's been great to get to "know" a new group of quilters, and I've been enjoying the interactions and the inspirations found both in the Seams Perfect Modern Scrap Bee and the do.Good Stitches bee.

And an addition to that is the Urban Home Goods Swap 4. Went outside of my box for that one with the messenger bag.

*Get my queen size quarter log cabin quilt basted and in the hand-quilting frame.

Granted, I've not even finished quilting one block, but I knew it would be a long process... it will eventually be on my own bed, thank you very much!

*And last, but certainly not least, submitting a quilt for the Project Modern Challenge 2. Since the deadline has now passed, and I've seen other VERY TALENTED ladies post photos of their submissions, here's a look:

(I'll add more details and process photos after the judging happens)

Now, the list of things I thought I would have gotten to, but have not is just as long, sadly. I still have a stack of not-so-new quilt tops awaiting quilting, some UFOs I began in classes but never finished, a quilt I began working on for my brother and his significant other, and then there's the bike.

If there's anything I would need to make a "new year's resolution" about, it's using my bike more. Which I think will need to start with a new front tire, and now that the weather is finally starting to change, I think that's next on the list!


  1. Your Project Modern submission is utterly stunning and deserves its own separate post for sure! Tell more about it! I totally gasped when I saw it, it's lovely.

  2. Thank you, Christina. It'll definitely get its own day in the sun, and I'll be bringing it with me to the meeting this month, no doubt.