14 August 2011

Studio painting - Days Six & Seven

So, I didn't actually take any photos on Thursday, but tried to supplement with "first thing" photos when I got to the studio today. The only difference being that the furniture was just brought over this morning. A friend of mine had been offering help the last week or so, but the painting left to do is really a 1 person job at this stage, and being for the floor, is probably best to do without an extra body hanging out. But then I remembered, "Wait! She has a pick-up! Maybe she'd like to help me take over a few "smaller" items that I don't need to wait for the U-Haul day to load... and so she did! So now my big, comfy arm chair is there, plus my little desk, and we even did a run to Home Depot to pick up some boards I can use to build my design wall. Woo Hoo!! We dropped these few things off in the back of the space, where I had gotten the floor painted on Thursday.
I was a bit surprised that it's still ever-so-slightly tacky, but not enough to be making impressions while walking through, so hopefully I haven't upset things too much. And if there are marks left - oh well!

After taking my friend out for lunch and a beer to thank her for her help that morning, I got back down to it, and started laying down some paint on the rest of the floor.

only being sure to leave myself a pathway so I could make it out the door when I was ready.

Next step: Fill in that last path, making sure to have my staple gun and hammer and nails with me, so I can work on putting together the design wall while I'm painted in! So close, and yet...

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