30 January 2012

new design

Have you all heard about the 2012 Fall Market and Festival having a section of the quilt show dedicated to quilts by members of the Modern Quilt Guild? I had seen something in passing and really didn't take it into consideration, but then at our meeting last week Jen, who is now involved with publicity and networking for the national MQG if I got that correctly, filled us in a bit and encouraged members to submit. If you're curious about the opportunity for submissions, you can find information on it here. The deadline for submissions is March 2nd and each individual may submit up to 2 quilts.

So, last weekend I got back into my sketchbook with a couple of new ideas, but know if anything I can only get one quilt started and finished in time for that deadline. The one that keeps intriguing me looks like this:

I played around with the fabrics in that stack and think it's got potential, but might try in different fabrics for a more dynamic/effective look. But here's a sneak peek at the blocks I made this week:
one set of blocks after slicing and rearranging fabrics

block before piecing

stack of all 12 blocks.

I might try to put together the next version in concert with the Tangerine Tango Challenge hosted by Ali and Erin on Flickr.

I've also been looking at some of the other pieces I did over the last year or two to decide if I think there's one I have enough confidence in to try and enter... These are the ones that I'm considering – any thoughts??
My Fiesta Squares quilt... an original design that I also plan to play with in time, but have gotten a pretty positive response to this version.

Nothing earth shattering, nor all that original, but a quilt I love and am very pleased with the end result (plus, it's backed with a shot cotton and the quilting shows through beautifully!)

Originally made for the second Project Modern Challenge.

And there is one more, but it is no longer in my possession (was a wedding gift from about a year and a half ago). J thinks it would be tacky for me to ask to borrow it back for the show, if I were to be accepted. I'd have to agree, sadly, but that doesn't make me think about it less. Stupid time constraints!

I'm sure there will be more musings in the upcoming weeks, but welcome any input, truly!


  1. I'm a big fan of your Project Modern Quilt ~ everytime I see it I drool. That would be the one I'd pick ;) Good luck on your new pattern!

    1. Thanks, Gail! As always I appreciate your kind words! That's probably the one I lean toward most, too!