29 January 2012

Something fun

As crafters we all probably have the long list and the short list of projects. And then there are the fun new inspirations that distract us on a regular basis. This means that sometimes the simplest of sewing projects might take much longer to come into being than they rightfully should.

You all know what I'm talking about!!

At some point in the last year or so (how sad that I have no idea when I saw it!) I bought a yard and a half of a beautiful Jane Sassaman fabric, a print from her Sunshine and Shadows group, in order to make a pair of pillow cases for my guest bed. I think at the time I purchased it I also picked up a coordinate, but if that is the case, it didn't last the test of time and got used in another project along the way.

Lately I've been staring at that fabric folded nicely on my "to do" shelf and finally decided it was time to do. So, after many many months I now have a pair of pillow cases, which took well less than an hour to put together.

And now my guest bed has its own pillow cases to look pretty against my piles of clean laundry that usually take up residence there! (moved aside for the purpose of this photo, however!)

So, does anyone else have a story of a quick, easy project that took the backseat for so long that it seemed almost silly once you put your mind to actually getting it done??

Oh, and a post-script to this entry... Last fall for my birthday my mom invited me to join her, her cousin Debbie and some of their quilting friends for a Jane Sassaman workshop at the Hudson River Valley Fiber Art Workshops this summer! SO looking forward to that!

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