18 January 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well, this past week had a very different rhythm to it than the previous week or two, but I still managed to check a few things off the list (some expected, and some completely not!)

The Hopman baby quilt:

I got the binding finished up on a very slow and slightly snowy day at the quilt shop.

FMQ pot holders:

Throw quilt from YEARS ago:

Silly little table topper:
A few of these were simply a matter of bindings, but that counts as completed, right??

Some Progress
Summertime Stars quilt top:
Quilt top is pieced and on the shelf of tops awaiting quilting... it may be there a while;-)

Test block for Friends + Fabric bee:
I still have a fair amount of work on this one before it's ready for the next stage.

No Progress
Trip Around the World
November Bliss top
Nubees quilt top
Warm/Cool QAL
place mats already cut out

This week's tally:
New - 2
Completed - 4
In Progress - 8

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Here's to a great week ahead, kids!!


  1. Your potholders are so cool! I love the way you quilted them! :)

    1. Thanks, Alli! They're a little puffier than ideal, but perhaps after washing them they'll mellow out. But I do appreciate the kind words!

  2. Love the baby quilt, and wonderful potholders!

  3. I really love your Hopman quilt! Fun, fun fabrics and great way to spotlight novelties.

  4. What a great bunch of projects. Lots of eye candy here! That baby quilt is adorable. The setting is so intriguing.

  5. Thank you for all the kind comments! I'm excited about what's under way and appreciate the encouragement.