05 February 2012

a temporary tool

Alright, lesson #1 on doing lots of curved piecing... be prepared with a bottle of painkillers about 2-3 days in for when your hand cramps up. Especially if you're up against a deadline :-( I missed that memo and am headed into day 2 of hand/wrist pain, but starting today day with said tool. But here's a hint of what I've been working on...
(please ignore the puckering in the center... it's since been taken care of)

An addendum...
Seems to be working so far... or perhaps the day or two of rest helped a little too!


  1. I like these a lot... the middle one looks like an eye of some sort ~ best wishes on the hand pain! I get this stuff called Traumeel ~ has arnica and other topical pain relievers in it ~ works great for hurting cramping hands at the end of the day.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion, Gail. I tend to stay away from topical ointments in general (specific allergy), but a little ice that evening, then a day of no sewing and picking up the wrist brace seem to have helped, thankfully.