03 March 2012


To go from this

to this
is a step in the right direction, I hope.

The technique that I use for cutting fabrics for the reversible place mats leaves me with pieces for 2 full sets of place mats from the start. I made up the original set of these guys a few months ago, and they have just been sitting around, not getting much attention on my etsy page, nor in person.

So, it seemed silly to make up a second set of the same mats just to have them sit around as well. But I love this fabric combination and believe that it works well, just perhaps not in that format. Plus, I already had the pieces cut out!

Well, DUH! Didn't I first fall in love with the quilt part of quilting? And aren't quilted place mats basically just a coordinating set of mini quilts? So I just had to change perspective and coordinate a little differently, right? And that's one less stack of fabric pieces sitting on a shelf. And wouldn't it have been a shame to fetter away the fabulous Joel Dewberry and Momo prints brought together??

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