06 March 2012

WIP Wednesday - starting from scratch

I'm taking a new approach, after my cataloging of UFOs earlier this week, which I wrote about here. I came up with 17 already begun UFOs (spanning the last 5 or 6 years), not to mention 6 projects in the idea stage only (perhaps the fabric gathering stage, but not further than that).

Since one of my goals for this year is to chip away at that list of UFOs, I've decided to start my count there. I'll cut myself a *little* slack and not include the stacks of fabric waiting for action as WIPs!

Some Progress
So, the UFO I was able to strike off the list this past week (or rather, move to another list of completed quilt tops yet to be quilted) is the one mentioned in my previous post, resurrected from the pieces of a set of place mats that was just not to be!

I'm also finally making some headway with another project that's been lying in a basket off and on for the last couple of years...
I'm hoping to finish this top within the next week or so.

Now, I must admit I AM guilty of one new project! I've been lusting after one of the luscious AMH louLouthi flannels that Marie has at Cool Cottons, but since I rarely if ever work with flannel, I couldn't justify buying any. But sitting on my couch one evening, just dreaming up possible projects for this fabric, I figured why not make myself a flannel throw quilt?? Really, Lin, there's no reason you shouldn't treat yourself to a little gift, right?? So, today I picked up a lovely stack of flannels, which also happen to work with a few FQs I picked up a couple of years ago for burp cloths that never got made.
Can't wait to get started on these guys!! Y'all will probably see something soon!

Now, the bitter truth of starting my count where I am...
No Progress
(get ready for quite a list!)
Bliss November quilt
Purple/Green Asian sampler
Seams Perfect Sampler
Curved Piecing Aqua/Green
Batik Warm/Cool QAL
Lee & Glenn's quilt
red/brown/green I-Spy
girly hourglass
Medallion quilt
Judy Neimeyer double wedding ring
broken dishes
Trip Around the 9-Patch
Halloween Stack 'n Whack
leftover I-spys from Hopman quilt
tote bags
blue/green place mats

New - 1
Completed - 0
In progress - 18
Unquilted tops - I'm guessing at 15

Thank you, Lee, for providing us all a place to link up and share our endeavors! Please go visit the others at
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced


  1. Best place to start is with a list! Plus it's so satisfying to cross things off as you get them done :)

    Loving the previous-life-placemats-turned quilt top! Can't go past a bit of Aviary 2 :)

  2. The two tops look lovely. Really nice soft colours.
    That's a good start to working through your list.

  3. Two wonderful quilts. Love the colors.

  4. You are one brave woman to tally up all those WIPs--I'd never have the courage to do that! I just crawled out from underneath my flannel throw quilt (it migrates to my bed in the winter) and I love it. It stays put--doesn't move around during the night. You'll love having a flannel quilt, so don't feel guilty about getting some cottons to get started. Beautiful stack of colors!

    Elizabeth E.

  5. I like list, I feel more organized then when having it up in my head, so good for you making a list and starting from scratch! Love those colors in your first two pictures and those look like fabulous flannels too!

  6. That's a beautiful stack of flannels. No reason why you shouldn't treat yourself every now & again.