12 April 2012

A Change of Scenery

Takin' a little time away. Y'all know how that goes!

J and I are spending the better part of the week outside Missoula, Montana visiting with his folks and other family.

We headed out of Portland Tuesday morning, amidst slightly grey skies and moderate temperatures. After several hours along the Columbia River Gorge and on through eastern Washington we hit the Idaho panhandle and crossed into Montana. The weather was on our side, let me tell you! Though the pass looked something like this:

we were driving with the windows open, short-sleeved shirts, and the on-board thermometer wavered between 61° and 75°! I think I even got some sun on my ankles while J was taking us through! Ah, sunshine!

Our first day was a mellow one, where the big activities were a long walk with the Swofford dogs, followed by a big family dinner (I think there were 13 or 14 of us in all). I took some photos on the walk (tried to use the Hassleblad but there's always so much time between uses it takes me too long to reacquaint myself, so I stuck with the little point-and-shoot digi).

Scout, Muttly and Obie

Muttly found a treat along the way!

the sheep down the road

Making new friends

a little dubious

gettin' a little closer

Moving up from Muttly's Little Lamb to the big guys!

From there it was a little jaunt in the creek before heading back to the homestead.

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  1. YAY ~ VACATION!! Have a great time ~ love the pics... of course, I'm a dog person ;)