22 April 2012

More photos from Montana

It might not seem so, but I didn't get nearly as many photos while on our trip as I would have liked. And one photo opportunity that we ALL missed was taking any shots of the family when everyone was all together (I think there ended up being 12 of us in all). Do any of you all have a similar story of getting a group together after many years and getting so caught up in the moment forgetting to document?

However, the next day I did manage to get one people shot
(From right to left: J making one of his "I'm on the wrong side of the camera" faces, J's brother Ned, Ned's girlfriend Addie, and Laura - J and Ned's awesomely sweet mom!)

And then back to shots around "town"...
On a visit to Missoula's carousel, which I'm told is made from all hand-carved and hand-painted wood for the horses. It's my understanding (though I could be wrong on this one) that they were each done by local artists.

So, can you see what I saw in this sign, which put a smile on my face and my camera to my eye?? (and I'll say it's pretty true, from our assessment)

The giant chess set on the patio of Bayern brewery - one of Ned's hobbies.

And back to the scenery shots:
First thing in the morning from the back door of the neighbors' garage apartment where J and I were staying

As the light begins to change...

Becoming a gorgeous day!

The still partially frozen Seeley Lake

And I'll end this post with the few shots I got of the herd of elk we saw on our way back to the homestead. Being the city girl that I am, I apparently scared them off before we got a good shot, but maybe I'll know for next time (and thankfully the only things with which we were shooting were cameras... if it had been hunting season the response to my scaring them off would have been VERY DIFFERENT, I am sure)!

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