22 May 2012

Making the same decision twice... or thrice?

Sometimes it's MUCH easier to piece together a quilt backing from random scraps, bits and pieces left behind, rather than try and find that PERFECT backing. For example, I have a quilt that I pieced, oh I don't know, about 5 or 6 years ago:
From a pattern in a Judy Hopkins book, Big 'n' Easy: Super Sized Quilts for Queen Beds

and it took me another 3-4 years and at least 2 false-start purchases to find what I believe to be just the right backing:
tents, by Brandon Mably (available at The Quilter's Studio)

Now that THAT'S off my chest (but still on the shelf!!), I'm going through something a little different. Thank goodness for deadlines! I finally got all of my Friends + Fabric blocks pieced into a stunning quilt top. Just under the wire for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show submission.

However I now need to figure out what to use as the backing... within the next day and a half!

My first gut feeling:
an Anna Maria Horner print... lovely color match and complimentary motif, but generally a bit more purple than I prefer...

My first fabric purchase:
a PERFECT compliment with all the right colors and energy, by Terrie Mangat for Free Spirit, but I'm wondering if it's just a bit too busy?

Some Kaffe Fassett shot cotton possibilities (because the quilt top is so darn busy already, and I do love how those guys quilt up):
within comfort zone for Linda:

and then...
not so much one of my go-to colors, but ruled the WOW factor next to the quilt top, don't you think?

Will I regret going with the Wow, but using a basically solid fabric in a color that doesn't exist anywhere in my world?? I welcome any input, but the prewashing must begin by this Thursday...


  1. I totally followed your thought process with these choices and say go for the Wow.

  2. Another vote for the Wow! I like what you said about the energy of the quilt and I think you're right - it's perfect for it! (WIth the stripes vertical with the quilt would be cool - but what about on the bias? Are we getting too crazy now?!)

  3. For this gorgeous quilt I would use the striped material. It is perfect.

  4. I do like the stripe with it a lot, but it pretty busy and the quilting won't be to visible with that one. I think I'd do the WOW!

  5. I also really like the Wow XD Maybe the Wow for the binding to frame and pop the colors of the top and the brownish comfort color for the backing?

  6. It came out beautiful! I would do the innocent crush purple print and bind with some shot cotton. I'm really bias though. I love all AMH! :)

  7. I like the stripes for the back and the WOW for the binding :)
    Good luck with the decision making!

  8. I ran across your quilt over on Flickr and just wanted to stop by and tell you how gorgeous it is. The design itself is amazing, but the fabrics make it fabulous!

  9. this is fabulous. what is the name of the pattern you used to make this? -aj