22 May 2012

Sewing with Friends!

With the exception of the group sewing day at Fabric Depot with the Portland Modern Quilt Guild a few weeks ago, it has been one LONG, LONG time since I've spent an afternoon or evening sewing in the company of another (sitting on the couch doing handwork while watching TV with the boyfriend doesn't quite count).

But then, last Thursday night at the PMQG meeting, my friend Maria turned to me and suggested a sewing day soon. We were in craft school together, both studying photography at the time, several years ago, and back in the day there were a few of us who thrived on each others' creative energy and worked really well together in the studios and darkroom.

Yay! Someone joining me in my sewing studio!

Hopefully this will be an ongoing trend. We had a good afternoon, and admittedly both ended up with seam rippers in hand since we were getting so chatty — sadly leading to some carelessness at the sewing machine. Do you have any regular crafty get-togethers with friends? Do you find it helps productivity, or hinders due to the socializing going on?


  1. Everything is better with friends! What a great space you have at the studio. I don't get to quilt together too often but really enjoy it and try not to choose a project that requires an enormous amount of brain power.

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