11 December 2012

New Home

The website is still most definitely under construction, but it's gone active!

SOON there will be a proper Surroundedbyscraps.com
RIGHT NOW, it is a Square Space page found at:

I'm just waiting for my brother to help me link my domain name to the site before doing too much advertising.

However, that being said, I have started a blog through that site (which may or may not continue... Blogger makes things so easy that I am having trouble building my page there. I'm happy to take any pointers that any one of you experienced bloggers can give!!)

My newest post can be found at the following link:

Oh, and I've also added a Facebook page for Surrounded by Scraps! I was hoping to approach this in a more stream-lined way, but as you can see, that has failed. Or perhaps it's I that is flailing. However we look at it, I apologize for my jumping around over the next couple of weeks and hope that those of you who have been enjoying my posts over the last couple of years will continue to do so on the new platform. And when I figure out how to post an email or subscription list there, even better!

Thanks for your patience, and as I mentioned, I am open to both constructive criticism and suggestions on the new site!

All the best,

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