15 July 2011

a new skirt!

A few weeks ago I posted an entry about a skirt pattern that my mom picked up for me, and the fabrics I had found to make it up. Then I got distracted.

Then I sat down and actually started looking through the pattern and reading it thoroughly.

As a brief recap, the pattern itself is called "Fashion Formula Skirts" from Serendipity Studios. It actually includes 3 distinctly different skirts, with at least 2 or 3 variations of each featured. I chose to do the Penelope Panel Skirt, the one fabric, shirred version. And though I bought the fabric requirements for the middle of the 3 lengths, when I actually measured myself, I decided to go with the shortest one, being that I am pretty short anyhow. It still hangs a couple of inches below my knee, which is perfect!

Then I started cutting into the fabrics...

... and piecing the panels

Then there was the waistband channel, with buttonholes for the drawstring. This was actually my first attempt at buttonholes on the Bernina my mom handed down to me last fall. Though many other aspects of this machine are taking me a while to adjust to (and in several cases I do still prefer my lovely little Viking Lily!), once I took a look at the manual, the buttonhole feature went like a DREAM!! Granted, it helped that she had an automatic buttonhole foot already for the machine, but oh my goodness!! I've always struggled with keeping those things even on my other machine, but after just 2 initial test runs on extra fabric I was able to get the lovely set of buttonholes you see pictured above!

Then came the gathering stitches, pulling on the bobbin threads and evening the whole thing out (as best I could!). Add the hem fabric and the drawstring and *voila*!
Now, this photo was taken before putting the whole thing through the washer, which did help to relax the gathers a bit and it seems to fall a little more naturally now.

All in all, a fun little skirt. I'm thinking the Fiona Faux-Wrap skirt is next...

(P.S. I absolutely LOVED working with the Robert Kaufman Pure Organics fabric. Yay!)

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